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An Adventure in Plaid

We have now been in Edinburgh for almost three weeks, and have completed 14 of our 21 shows of Track 3. The festival is insane. There are almost 3,000 shows in town, and the population of Edinburgh increases by about 1,000,000 for the month of August. The city must have a massive hangover in September.

The Track 3 cast is housed in two different apartments; girls in one, boys in another. The girls have a charming apartment in South Edinburgh, on Bruntsfield Pl., which is littered with small boutiques, cafes and restaurants. I have taken to spending my mornings at Artisan Roast, a small cafe with amazing coffee and a comfortable atmosphere. It has become my little hideout.

The only downside to the neighborhood is the 1.5 miles from the theatre. This becomes a really long walk to do every single day, along with such a physical show; though there is a lovely route through an extraordinary little park.

The men in the show live about 5 minutes away from the theatre, right at Grassmarket, so the cast gets ready at their house around 2pm. Then we walk up to the Royal Mile to sing and pass out fliers for the show for about a half hour, before heading over to Bedlam Theatre to perform.

Bedlam Theatre is an amazing venue. It is a converted church, that serves as Edinburgh University’s theatre during the school year. During the festival, it is run by university students. Who make me feel really old. It is great to have a proper theatre, several venues are converted lecture halls, or conference rooms in hotels.

At the Bedlam, there are 10 shows that perform throughout the day, from 10:30am-Midnight. We perform every day at 4:25pm. We get into the theatre after the audience has cleared the show before ours, at about 4:05pm. We have approximately 10 minutes for “Get In” when we set our props and set pieces, check the speaker levels and drop gels into the lights for our design. The we run backstage, the audience is let in and we perform. At the end of the show, after our audience has cleared, we have 10 minutes for “Get Out” where we strike everything and get out for the show that is after us which begins at 5:45pm. Then we get notes from our director, head back to the boys house to change, and go on with our evening.

I haven’t done as much sight-seeing as I expected as of yet. I’ve walked a lot of the city, seen about 10 fringe shows and hiked Arthur’s Seat. My ambitions for this trip seem to continually get waylaid by the need to eat or sleep. My first priority is maintaining my energy and health for the show. Everything else has to come second, but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, though. What an adventure.

Best Advice Ever. Packing for World Travel. Making notes for myself for the Track 3: LA to UK adventure! Small flask = genius.

Plus, the poster is just cool.


No female reporter before her had ever seemed quite so audacious, so willing to risk personal safety in pursuit of a story. 

How to pack like Nellie Bly, pioneering Victorian journalist who raced around the world in 80 days.

UPDATE: By popular demand, the illustrated packing list is now available as a print.