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We took Track 3 to Russia!

In June 2017, Theatre Movement Bazaar was invited to take our production of Track 3 for a short tour in Russia. We performed at the Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Moscow, and Theatre Boff in St. Petersburg. To perform our adaptation of Chekov’s Three Sisters in his homeland was an incredible experience. (scroll down to see a few photos of the trip!)

St. Basil’s Cathedral!
Our poster at Theatre of Nations
Scene from Track 3
The Three Sisters
Theatre Boff, St. Petersberg
Performing Track 3 at the Chekhov International Theatre Festival
Tech pre-performance
On our way to Moscow!
Prozorov Family
Theatre of Nations, Moscow
The Track 3 family in front of Theatre of Nations, Moscow.
Paying homage to the man himself (Chekhov).
Interior, Theatre of Nations

Keep pushing, keep moving, keep going in the constant face of failure.

My friend, and fellow San Francisco State alum, Christian Cagigal had the honor of giving the Alumni Speech at this year’s SFSU Theatre Department Graduation Ceremony. It’s a touching, funny and encouraging speech. I hope the 2013 Graduating Class took it to heart. I sure did. 

Way to go, Christian!

Best Advice Ever. Packing for World Travel. Making notes for myself for the Track 3: LA to UK adventure! Small flask = genius.

Plus, the poster is just cool.


No female reporter before her had ever seemed quite so audacious, so willing to risk personal safety in pursuit of a story. 

How to pack like Nellie Bly, pioneering Victorian journalist who raced around the world in 80 days.

UPDATE: By popular demand, the illustrated packing list is now available as a print.